Martha Scott makes sculpture with mass-produced, everyday objects that can be categorised as domestic or industrial. She creates points of tension and tenderness through playing with the unnoticed.

He leans forward and picks a small piece of dry skin from her bottom lip.

Scott gathers her objects, like ingredients or building blocks, into a space, arranging, bonding and fastening them into forced relationships. Informed by their material properties and elements of chance, she refines and presents them in a highly controlled manner.

He points at her laptop, correcting small and unimportant elements of the website she appears to be editing.
With his left hand, he touches the tassel that ties her top together and 
the sun catches the silver band around his finger.


Tensions are created through the reoccurring element of the fastening: a taut rope extends from floor-based objects to the wall, anchors onto a cleat or utilises existing architecture, a metal clamp or length of electrical tape fix a paper print onto a bracket.

Because of this sun, she insists they move table, away from the window.
I wonder if it's because she's noticed me looking.


The presence of fixings, fastenings, clamps and blocks, heightens the delicacy of the intimate details embedded within the work. These intimate moments allude to traces of human actions and gestures, such as the familiar squeeze of a toothpaste tube, the press of a piece of Blu-Tack or the indent in a carpet.

He orders a BLT. He talks at her about advertising.
Apparently she needs to be more concise.


Text collected from stories and conversations is treated much like her objects, as material to be arranged with humour and romanticism. These titles often contradict and contrast to the physical objects themselves.

Now he's got mayonnaise in the corners of his mouth. 
She puts her cardigan on inside out.


Martha Scott’s work calls to notice both the pleasure and discomfort she finds operating within the mass of objects that surround her.



2020 Occasionally I've Summoned Objects, Group Exhibition, Art Hub Studios, Deptford

2020 Material Alliances, Group Exhibition, Copeland Gallery, Peckham

2020 Standard Material, Group Exhibition, Wimbledon College of Arts

2019 Sensual Worlds, Group Exhibition, Wimbledon College of Arts


2019 Group Exhibition & Collaboration with Holly Neville, Artslab, Dartington

2019 UK New Artists City Takeover, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham

2018 Group Exhibition, Wimbledon College of Arts

2017 Group Exhibition, Exeter School of Art


2017-2020 BA Fine Art Sculpture at Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London

2016-2017 UAL Foundation Diploma at Exeter School of Art